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FireBackup Online Backup Services
Do you already have a FireBackup Online Backup Services account?  You can login by clicking the Login button on the above menu bar, or by clicking here to login.

In addition to providing open source and commercial versions of FireBackup, we also provide online backup services using the same FireBackup software.  If you don't want to go through the trouble of setting up your own local FireBackup server, or want the extra security of having your important or mission-critical data backed up to a remote location, FireBackup has a solution for you.  When disaster strikes, having your data safely backed up at a remote location will help ensure your data survives!

We have backup service plans that can cover the full range of needs of our customers, from personal computer users who have just a few important files to protect, to large enterprises with many gigabytes of precious data.&nbps; We have backup solutions not only for Windows, but also for Linux and other UNIX variants too!

We'll be introducing an online account signup process soon that will allow you to create a new FireBackup Online Backup account and begin using it immediately.  Until then, you can contact us at for pricing details, to discuss your backup and data protection needs, or to start an account.

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