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FireBackup Documentation for FireBackup Windows Client
The manual for the Windows version of the FireBackup Client is divided into the following sections:

1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Configuration
4. Backing Up
5. Restoring

3. Configuration
This portion of the FireBackup Windows Client manual is still under construction.  Various completed pieces appear below:

The FireBackup client uses a concept of backup profiles to manage one or more backup configurations on your computer.  Each profile can back up different sets of files, to different servers, with different configuration options.

After starting the FireBackup Windows Client, a window will appear allowing you to see what backup profiles exist on your computer already.  If this is your first time running FireBackup and have not yet created a backup profile, the profile list will be empty.  You can create a new profile by clicking the New button at the bottom of the window.

This page is not yet complete, and the following portions are under construction!

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