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FireBackup Documentation for FireBackup Windows Client
The manual for the Windows version of the FireBackup Client is divided into the following sections:

1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Configuration
4. Backing Up
5. Restoring

1. Introduction
FireBackup (FireServe Online Backup) is an advanced block-change network backup system.nbsp; This means FireBackup stores and backs up your files to a remote server, while transferring only the data that has changed since the last backup.  You can learn more at

The FireBackup Windows Client provides the software component that runs on a Windows-based computer that is being backed up to a FireBackup server.  It maintains a set of "backup profiles" which you can set up to specify which files you'd like to back up, and manages the actual backup process.  It also includes functionality to retrieve one or more files from a backup session that has been completed in the past.

This manual is divided into the following additional sections:

2. Installation
Discusses installing the FireBackup Windows Client on your Windows computer.

3. Configuration
Shows how to set up backup profiles, which specify which files and file types will be backed up, what server to back them up to, and other important configuration items.

4. Backup
Discusses the actual backup process, what you will see on your screen while a backup is in progress, and how to manage backups while they're running.

5. Restore
Shows how to use the file restore features of FireBackup to retrieve one or more files from a past backup session.

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